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Keeping It Green
Long before being "green" was fashionable Wooded Wonderland was growing and harvesting timber in a manner that was kind to the earth. Continuing these practices ensures the longevity of the forests and the land.

By harvesting mature timber, controlling competition and minimizing logging damage to young vigorous growth, we ensure the continuation of not only the business but the environment.

Wooded Wonderland Lumber Company has been a certified tree farm, as a member of the American Tree Farm System, IL no. 206, for 47 years and a member of the Northwest Illinois Forestry Assoc.

Contact us to discuss the harvesting of timber on your property.
We maintain an Illinois Timber Buyers licence, which helps us find high return markets for your logs.

pine growth

Being green in today's market has many advantages, not only
to the earth but to our customers as well.

Maintaining virgin soil and land while helping the forests to thrive for generations to come is
a goal we have set for ourselves.

Eco-friendly land management allows us
provide a product for which we can be proud.

Through constant observation and intelligent harvesting
we will continue to produce a product that will sustain throughout the ages.

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