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Hardwood Lumber
Supplying customers with top-quality lumber at reasonable rates is the goal of Wooded Wonderland Lumber Company. Numerous species are available in our region, northwest Illinois, while other are imported. All harvesting of timber and processing of lumber is done in an environmentally friendly manner and complies with the highest of standards, which we have set.

Lumber is dried in ultra-modern kilns using the latest technologies to ensure proper moisture content, equalized to reduce variable moisture content and conditioned to relieve residual drying stresses.

Available in virtually any width, length or thickness, from random width rough to S4S rips of any dimension. Processed through double-sided helical carbide planers and computer controlled rip saws, ensuring flat, well-finished stock ready for immediate use or further processing.

Wooded Wonderland is also a source for Pine logs and timbers.
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Ash  Walnut
Ash  Maple
Ash  Aspen
Ash  Wht. Oak
Ash  Red Oak
Ash  Hickory
Ash  Ash
White pine  Wht. Pine
Ash  Mahogany
Ash  Poplar
Ash  Basswood
Ash  Reclaimed
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