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Wide Plank Flooring
Flooring reminiscent of ages passed; wider widths remind and evoke the charm of the old days. Classic and elegant to rustic and charming. Depending on the desire we can produce the look and feel to match any décor.

Capturing the look and feel of years past is one of the great attributes solid wood flooring bestowes on it's home. Helping to capture a time period that has long passed is the Saw Mark Flooring. This flooring has visual circular milling marks.
saw mark
Another unique flooring is Calico Maple. Processed in a fashion to retain and achieve the dark centers and light outer edges.
calico maple
View samples of actual flooring and assemble various designs, widths, lengths and species on our design table.

Ash  Walnut
Ash  Maple
Ash  Wht. Oak
Ash  Red Oak
Ash  Hickory
Ash  Ash
White pine  Wht. Pine
Ash  Mahogany
Ash  Reclaimed
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